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2023 R2: Ansys Motor-CAD What’s New

Sign up for the Ansys Motor-CAD webinar and learn how the market-leading simulation tool and number one choice of motor designers can benefit from even more powerful features to increase their productivity and reduce their product design cycle.


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About this Webinar

In the 2023 R2 update for Ansys Motor-CAD, used exclusively in motor designs, you'll learn about the new features allowing for complete NVH analysis of WFSM/EESM, a simplified UI, automated hairpin winding layout, and Ansys Gateway virtual desktop. These additional capabilities will help you increase efficiency and productivity. More specifically, they will allow you to

  1. Reduce time to solution by automating NVH analysis on WFSM/EESM 
  2. Evaluate the NVH characteristics earlier in the design process
  3. Save time in model generation with the improved hairpin winding definition
  4. Achieve a shorter development cycle by running simultaneously multiple simulation tool workflows using Ansys Gateway

What You Will Learn

  • Calculating the NVH behavior for WFSM/EESM in minutes
  • Exploring wider design space with a simple analysis of different winding configurations
  • Accessing powerful hardware allows Motor-CAD and other tools to run simultaneously

Who Should Attend

Motor Design Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Electromagnetic Engineers, Thermal Engineers, etc.


James Goss