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Predict temperature-induced distortions and stresses in DED process

Easily predict macro-level, temperature-induced distortions and stresses to prevent build failures and provide trend data for improving designs in DED process with Ansys Additive in this upcoming webinar.

About this Event

Directed energy process (DED) is also known as laser engineered net shaping (LENS), electron beam additive manufacturing (EBAM), wire arc additive manufacturing (WAAM), or laser deposition technology (LDT). In this process, a laser or electron beam creates a melt pool on previously solidified material where blown powder or fed wire is introduced.

Like the powder bed fusion (PBF) process, the DED process produces high temperatures and severe thermal gradients, leading to significant overheating, distortion, and residual stresses as the layers are deposited. The distortion can be high enough to interfere with the application of the next layer, and the residual stresses high enough to break the part off the build plate or crack the element itself. Additionally, the residual stresses will produce more distortion when the part is removed from the build plate leading to an undesirable final shape.

With Ansys Additive tool, you can easily predict the macro-level, temperature-induced distortions and stresses in parts to prevent build failures and provide trend data for improving designs for additive manufacturing, including part orientation and part build order.

What you will learn 

  •  Watch the DED process and its application
  •  Tackle the challenges in the DED process         
  • Learn the thermo-mechanical simulation of the DED Process 

Who Should Attend

  • Proprietors/directors/senior executives
  •  R&D engineers / heads / managers
  •  Design engineers / heads / managers
  •  Product development engineers / heads / managers


Kumar Satyam- Application Engineer, Ansys


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