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The Future of Engineering is in the Cloud: Powering Innovators with Cloud-Based Simulation

The future is built mainly by engineers and designers with the talent and skill to take an idea and turn it into the products and services that enhance our lives. Great ideas come from individuals and gigantic corporations, but the ability to take insight and turn it into marketable products confers a significant advantage on larger corporations. Scale matters, and the meme of the startup’s long hours and the high-stress world is based on reality.

But does it have to be? What if individuals and small firms had access to the same powerful engineering tools used by multinational corporations and were freed from the constraints of limited capital and a modest headcount? That’s the promise of cloud-connected engineering software, which has implications far beyond simply remote work.


  • Robin Persiaux, R&D Design Engineer, ACWA Robotics
  • Susan Coleman, Director of Academic and Startup Programs, Ansys
  • Mark Birch, Global Startup Advocate, Amazon Web Services
  • JJ Jones, Global Cloud Business Development Manager, Ansys

What attendees will learn:

  • Engineering software in the cloud confers multiple advantages for even the smallest startup
  • How Ansys Startup Program and AWS Activate are breaking down barriers to startup innovation
  • ACWA Robotics use of Ansys Gateway powered by AWS


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