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Enhancing Safety and Security for A&D Systems

In the new era of autonomy and connectivity, it has become increasingly important to ensure the safety and security of aerospace and defense systems applications. To achieve this, organizations must go beyond traditional analysis methods and workflows, which are traditionally supported by point tools. A new model-based integrated tool approach ensures that complex systems incorporating software and complex electronics together with state-of-the-art sensing, communication and actuation technologies in today’s applications reliably deliver consistent performance over time.

This eliminates failures, which lead to incidents or vulnerabilities to cyberattacks. Building safety and cybersecurity assessments on system model information for safety and security analysis is key to increasing productivity and reducing inconsistent and inaccurate analysis results. Model-based systems engineering (MBSE) and model-based safety analysis (MBSA) are also emphasized in recent updated safety standards like SAE ARP4754B in conjunction with ARP4761A and cybersecurity standards like RTCA DO-256A and ASTM F4450.

  • Discover how to implement key safety and cybersecurity analysis methods defined in the referenced standards in one integrated tool.
  • Understand how to benefit from underlying system models for better structuring your safety analysis.
  • Receive expert tips on reducing analysis efforts and analysis shortfalls and accelerating time-to-market.



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