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Autonomous System Development

Model-based safety and cybersecurity solutions accelerate autonomous system development and certification.


Safe and Cybersecure Autonomous Vehicles

With model-based safety and cybersecurity solutions, end-to-end traceability can be established. Compliance with existing standards (such as ISO 26262, ISO 21448, ISO 15408 and other emerging standards) can be demonstrated, saving up to 50% on development time compared to more manual approaches. Ansys solutions focus on:

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    Functional Safety (FuSa)
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    Safety of the Intended Functionality (SOTIF)
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Accelerate Safety and Cybersecurity Analysis

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Functional Safety (FuSa)

Integrate diverse safety analysis methods with Ansys model-based safety analysis, delivering end-to-end traceability and compliance with safety standards such as ISO 26262.


Identify cyber vulnerabilities by integrating architectural and functional design models with cybersecurity analysis methods.

Safety of the Intended Functionality (SOTIF)

Undertake systematic causal analysis of SOTIF hazards and compliance with safety standards such as ISO 21448.

Featured Products

Ansys medini analyze
Ansys medini analyze
SICHERHEITSANALYSE Icon symbolizing safety analysis
  • Die wichtigsten Sicherheitsanalysemethoden in einem einzigen integrierten Tool
  • Erfüllt Normen wie ISO 26262, IEC 61508, ARP4761 und MIL-STD-882E
  • Sicherheitsanalyse auf Basis von Systemdesign mit durchgängiger Konsistenz
  • Qualitätsanalyse nach SAE J1739, VDA-AIAG FMEA-Handbuch, etc.
  • Vollständige Rückverfolgbarkeit von Anfang bis Ende
  • Integration mit Partnern für das Anforderungsmanagement von Systemen
  • Key security analysis methods, all in one integrated tool
  • Meets standards like SAE J3061, HEAVENS and ISO 21434
  • Identify, assess and mitigate cybersecurity threats
  • Analyze vulnerabilities of system components.  
  • Capture and manage cybersecurity requirements
  • Support of complete end-to-end traceability
Ansys Zemax OpticStudio
Ansys Zemax OpticStudio
Optics & Virtual Reality (VR) Ansys Zemax OpticStudio

OpticStudio is the standard for optical, illumination, and laser system design in leading companies throughout the optics industry and at universities around the world. Get everything you need to simulate, optimize, and tolerance your optical designs. Design high-confidence virtual prototypes that you can thoroughly analyze before manufacturing.


Quality, Safety and Reliability Engineering

Ansys medini analyze provides dedicated support for functional safety analysis to manufacturers of electronic components and systems in the automotive, aerospace, rail and industrial domains. Take our software for a test drive with a free 30-day trial.


Ansys medini analyze

A simulation solution which combines key safety analysis methods (HAZOP, FTA, FMEA, FMEDA, CMA) in one integrated tool.

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Improving Cybersecurity for Automotive Electronics Systems via Ansys medini analyze

The increasing electrification and connectivity of the automotive industry brings a growing risk of cyberattacks. Ansys introduces medini analyze for modeling and analytics during the design phase to ward off cyber threats.


Going Beyond Point Tools for ISO 26262 Functional Safety

Effectively meet ISO 26262 safety requirements faster and more efficiently with Ansys medini analyze. Learn how to perform safety analysis and design. Discover how medini analyze supports operational situation analysis, probabilistic reliability analysis and hardware failure metrics.


Safe System Design and Autonomous Vehicle Software Development

Learn how Ansys solutions address critical technical challenges in areas such as sensor and HMI development and system validation.


Featured Resources

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Ansys medini analyze + ZF Group Case Study

Automotive systems supplier ZF Friedrichshafen AG utilizes Ansys medini analyze to drive agility, innovation and efficiencies in its embedded safety systems development and verification process.

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Linking Safety Management Software Simplifies ADAS and Autonomous Car Design

Market demands are directing the automotive industry toward advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous cars. Naturally, ADAS and autonomous systems add complexity to automotive products. This complexity breeds vulnerabilities that could plague safety management engineers.

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Simulation is the Fastest Way to Get Autonomous Cars on the Market

Autonomous cars will only be safe when they are better able than humans to adapt to anything the open road can throw at them.



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UL 4600: Making the Case for Autonomous Vehicle Safety

Demonstrating the safety of autonomous vehicles (AVs) is crucial to making them a mass market reality. Existing safety standards provide a starting point by addressing functional safety, as well as safety of the intended functionality.

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Steps Engineers Need to Take to Ensure Automotive Cybersecurity

Smart, connected cars are loaded with digital systems and embedded software. This trend is only picking up speed as we continue in the race to autonomous vehicles.

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