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AMF (Advanced Micro Foundry)


AMF is the first dedicated Si Photonics foundry. Entirely located in Singapore and led by an experienced executive team with semiconductor industry background, we offer reliable and predictable foundry services with an unwavering focus on Safety, Quality, Delivery and Customers.

Our Si Photonics proprietary technology leverages on more than 15 years of experience of our engineering and research teams and enabled the development of prototypes and the launch of commercial products in areas ranging from telecommunications to data centres and LiDAR

In addition to standard wafer manufacturing services, we offer prototyping services and Multi-Wafer Project (MPW) shuttles on multiple platforms (Silicon-On-Insulator (SOI) as well Silicon Nitride on SOI). Our offering also includes wafer level packaging solutions to facilitate the integration of your chip into a final product to accompany you all the way to the manufacturing phase.

With regular updates to our Process Design Kits, our customers are certain of accessing the latest devices with the best possible performance – be it high bandwidth for telecommunications or ultra-low losses in a wide spectrum of wavelengths for LiDAR and sensing applications.