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March 9, 2022

Simulation World 2022: Take Bold, Transformational Leaps with Simulation

Sixty-five percent of CIOs will sustain a cycle of tech-based empowerment, agility, and resilience across their organizations through extensive enterprise and ecosystem collaboration through 2026, according to market intelligence firm IDC.1 Agility and resilience require access to information in real time, resulting in actionable insights that will propel business forward. For many organizations, simulation plays a significant role in this effort, which is why this year’s Simulation World event focuses on using simulation as a transformational business accelerator to Take a Leap of Certainty into the future. 

Every day, companies and leaders are taking bold transformational business leaps using simulation to explore new markets, differentiate themselves from their competitors, operationalize digital transformation, speed new products to market, and achieve their strategic imperatives. Simulation World 2022 brings these organizations and individuals together to share their success stories and shine a light on what’s truly possible when determined and inspired minds have the confidence to close the gap between their world-changing ideas and reality.

At Simulation World 2022, visionary companies from around the world will share their exciting stories and strategies for making the next great strides in human advancement, using simulation on their way to future possibilities in healthcare, electrification and autonomous driving, sustainability, and more.

Discover Simulation’s Transformative Power in Nine Great Tracks

Simulation World is a global virtual thought leadership event on simulation’s ability to improve every aspect of the product lifecycle. This year many big industry storytellers will gather together to speak to simulation’s contribution to, and acceleration of, their transformational business strategies. Through the power of shared experiences, attendees will discover how simulation enables: new market expansion, previously unachievable productivity improvements, faster time-to-market, improved product quality, and the achievement of strategic goals.

Simulation World 2022 is organized into nine tracks.

Leading Transformational Leaps Forward is about technological industry advances fueled by the predictive power of simulation. In this track, high-tech leaders share their strategies for leveraging digital twins, AI/ML, ecosystems, cloud-based and high-performance computing, app development and more.

Legacy-defining Leaps focuses on bold, strategic decisions made by business leaders who understand the impact that digital transformation will have on society, and position their organizations to lead those transformations.

The Simulation Imperative illuminates the process by which global leaders in aerospace, automotive, high tech and consumer products are completely reinventing how their ideas become reality through simulation.

Earth Rescue considers the challenge of sustainability, and the need for faster progress through the perspective of companies who are using human ingenuity and the superpower of simulation to solve the world’s biggest problem.

The Goal of Zero Physical Prototypes shares how industry leaders are replacing physical prototypes with virtual prototyping throughout the product lifecycle to significantly reduce time, cost and waste and improve product quality.

How In Silico Trials are Upending Clinical Trails shows how simulated in silico trials are disrupting the status quo by enabling dramatic cost and time-to-market reductions while helping to maximize patient safety.

If You Build It offers a glimpse of how simulation helps startups to blend ingenuity and technology to design, develop, and test their innovations with absolute confidence.

How Academia is Shaping the Future gives a nod to academia, as some of the greatest leaps in history were taken at universities. Join this track to learn how they’re using simulation to change the future today.

Cloud-Powered Ecosystem focuses on how the cloud is redefining engineering and everything else by expanding simulation’s benefits to more people, enabling better collaboration, and providing huge scaling and performance gains.

Attendees can mix-and-match presentations from different tracks and create their own custom agendas. The full Simulation World 2022 agenda will be revealed April 18, 2022. Attendees can also join the community to network and engage with other attendees 1:1, share their experiences through the live social feeds, and join session chats during the live event.

Event details:

  • Event Date: May 18, 2022​
  • Reach: Kicking-off in the Americas, India, and Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) and continuing later this year with China, Korea, Japan, and Taiwan Simulation World events, representing all industries ​
  • Audience: CXOs, heads of engineering or operations, leaders in product design and development, product managers, and sustainability leaders, as well as heads of R&D, startup leaders, technology evangelists, industry analysts; journalists; and academia.​
  • Registration Date: March 9, 2022
  • Final Speaker Confirmation Date: April 4, 2022
  • Final Agenda Release Date: April 18, 2022

Register Now for Simulation World 2022

The world is hungry for innovation to address seemingly larger-than-life challenges. Simulation World is a chance for the global product development community to come together to inspire each other with stories of agility, innovation, determination, and hope. And everyone will leave energized and motivated – knowing that, through simulation, they can Take a Leap of Certainty to engineer what’s ahead. 

Register for Simulation World 2022.

1.    IDC Unveils Worldwide CIO Agenda 2022 Predictions, IDC press release, Oct. 27, 2021

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