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October 16, 2018

You No Longer Have to Wait to Download These Popular Ansys Apps

It’s now easier to shop, purchase and download applications (apps) using the new Ansys AppStore.

Previously, getting new apps developed by Ansys — or its ecosystem of customers and partners — could take two to three weeks.

Now, within minutes you can search, sort, filter, download and install the tools you need as easily as you would on your cellphone.


Ansys now offers a modern e-commerce interface for its licenses and app ecosystem.

In fact, all purchases, licensing and transactions in the Ansys app ecosystem — and product line — can be done within the AppStore’s e-commerce interface using a single-user account. This same account can also be used to purchase, download and manage all products available online (e.g., the Ansys Discovery Products).

To celebrate the launch of this unified purchasing experience and the opening of the new AppStore, here are some free and affordable apps that have proven to be very popular.

APDL Editor — Free

Write Ansys parametric design language (APDL) commands in an editor that offers live and contextual help.

The APDL Editor uses command argument recognition to search for information you may need to streamline, debug or generate the code as you write it.

As a result, your APDL code will be easier to create and more optimal to use.

Weld Strength — $1000 for a One-year Lease

The Weld Strength app is a pre- and postprocessing tool focused on assessing welded parts.

The Weld Strength app empowers you to evaluate multiple chains of welds over numerous load cases. You can then plot the results on your model as a floating average or a section average.

The app expediates these evaluations by automating the creation of weld contacts, fillet welds and contact matching.

The Weld Strength app plots results directly on the model.

The tool then postprocesses results for fillet weld strength, butt weld strength and user-defined weld strengths based on Python API.

These results are compliant with the Eurocode 3 and DNV GL standards.

The tool is also compatible with shell/solid and contact/multi-bode models with or without weld geometry.

Mixing Guided Process Template — $5000 for a One-year Lease

The Mixing Guided Process Template app offers an automated workflow for designing and simulating mixing tanks. The tool then generates a comprehensive mixing report based on the inputs.

User interface of the Mixing Guided Process Template app

Your inputs create the mixing tank geometry and set up a single-phase computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation. These geometries are based on a pre-built component library and the meshing of the geometry is done under the hood.

This mixing tool is a great way to get non-CFD experts ready to perform simulation analysis. CFD experts, meanwhile, can extend the analysis created by the tool to produce an in-depth multiphase mixing simulation.

To learn more about these and other apps available to you, visit the new AppStore.

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