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January 13, 2017

Get Up to Speed with Ansys Training Options to #LearnAnsys

For over 40 years, Ansys training has been a reliable partner for engineers to increase their productive use of Ansys software. With tight deadlines and demanding product design requirements moving CAE engineers into the spotlight, engineers are feeling the pressure to deliver accurate predictions of product performance in a timely manner, often times before a product is even built.

Project and product success ultimately hinges on the preparedness of the engineering team to perform the simulations necessary to support key engineering decisions. In an environment of evolving demands it is becoming a high priority for engineers to keep their skills current. Successful engineers therefore focus on learning more in order to stay on top and to move ahead.

Our users typically report one of three reasons for attending training:

  • Getting started — learn the basics of one of the flagship solvers and related workflows
  • Stay current — get a refresh, keep up-to-date with the latest release
  • Expand — add more physics to improve best practices or solve a new class of engineering problems

Traditionally, we have delivered training in a live classroom setting with a live instructor and face-to-face discussion. Over the last years, we introduced virtual classrooms led by a live instructor that users could attend from their desk, thus eliminating any travel requirement.

With the start of the new year we are rolling out a new on-demand learning platform called Ansys Learning Hub. As an on-demand platform the Ansys Learning Hub becomes the one-stop-shop for all learning needs for Ansys software. The Ansys Learning Hub provides our users with easy access to self-paced learning, tools to manage learning goals, and instructor moderated 'Learning Rooms' with discussion boards and additional learnings outside of the standard curriculum.

Self-paced courses consist of independent core and optional modules, each including lectures in video format, hands-on exercises and quizzes. Self-paced courses are delivered in video format including theory, usage and practical demonstration. The videos are augmented by closed-caption text of the material presented. Closed captions are searchable, such that locating a specific section in a course module is very convenient.

The modular nature of the course material enables easy mix-and-match as required by the learner’s application. It’s easy to go back to review previously completed modules. Available at any time, at any location, self-paced courses offer the most flexibility.

Modular curriculum

Over 100 learning modules, organized in 10 self-paced courses, are currently available in the Ansys Learning Hub along with the live and virtual classroom schedule. The 'Learning Catalog' enables easy search for courses dates and course materials. It takes only a few clicks to enroll into a class. Users build their learning plans, get a clear view on the learning history and view certificates for course completion.

Similar to a live classroom the Learning Rooms in the Ansys Learning Hub facilitate interactions between the instructor and class participants. Learners ask questions and reflect upon the concepts learned. Instructors bring in their own experience, assist with the practical work or pose extra challenge problems to ensure that learners can independently solve an unscripted problem. In addition, Learning Rooms provide examples, tips & tricks, FAQs and a program of extra webinars on topics of interest. Learning Rooms are available to support virtual classrooms and self-paced learning.

The Ansys Learning Hub is THE learning platform for the Ansys software portfolio. Learners can choose when to learn and what to learn with easy 24/7 access. Annual Ansys Learning Hub subscriptions are available now.

In the end, we hope the Ansys Learning Hub helps our customers use simulation to design better products more efficiently. I'd like to thank all the customers who have tested the Ansys Learning Hub and provided requirements and feedback, as well as the many experts from Ansys who have configured and contributed to the system.

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