Turbulence Tips and Tricks

ANSYS Fluent - Scale Resolving Simulation | Tips & Tricks Webinar

26. März 2019

10:00AM - 11:00AM (EDT)

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ANSYS Customer Excellence Support Team

After a brief insight into some properties of turbulence, the main ideas of Scale-Resolving Simulations (SRS) within ANSYS Fluent, focusing on Large-Eddy Simulation (LES) and some derived hybrid RANS-LES approaches, will be described. Latest hybrid SRS model, namely Stress-Blended Eddy Simulation (SBES), will then be employed on several grids, including most advanced poly-hexcore grid, to investigate common quality criteria and compare numerical results with experimental data on a Jet In Cross-Flow (JICF) configuration.


  1. Introduction - Some words on Turbulence properties
  2. SRS - Large-Eddy Simulation rationale
  3. SRS - Why developping hybrid RANS-LES?
  4. SRS - Latest advances in hybrid RANS-LES modeling at ANSYS
  5. SRS - Illustration of hybrid RANS-LES applied on Jet in Cross-Flow
  6. Conclusion and Prospects

Presenter Bio

Jacques LavedrineJacques Lavedrine

After obtaining a Master Degree in Dynamics of Fluids and Heat Transfers at University of Orsay (France) in 2004, Jacques Lavedrine received his Ph.D. on Large Eddy Simulations of Two-phase Flows in Injectors of Aeronautical Engines from Institut National Polytechnique de Toulouse (France) in 2008. Jacques then worked for consultancy companies Digital Product Simulation and APTUS to provide expertise on CFD calculations for Automotive and Nuclear Safety applications. In 2012, Jacques joined the Montigny office of ANSYS France as Technical Support Engineer. His activities now cover internal/external support, preparation of training and knowledge materials for ANSYS customers all around Europe. His main areas of expertise and interest span over the CFD simulations of turbulent flows and aeroacoustics.

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