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Porsche AG: Taking the Porsche 99X from the Racetrack to the Tech Lab

Porsche engineers rely on simulation to drive their research and development of the new Porsche 99X electric powertrain. A critical component supporting the 99X’s Formula E racing, the powertrain will be leveraged by Porsche to push engineering boundaries and usher in a new era of commercial e-mobility vehicles. Watch this video to hear from Pascal Zurlinden, director of Factory Motorsport at Porsche AG, on the meaning of Formula E to Porsche and how Porsche is powering the next generation of e-mobility.

Author: ANSYS, Inc. Type: Video Date:
Product Category: Electronics
Industry: Automotive



Introduction to Ansys Chemkin-Pro

This webinar is an introduction to Ansys Chemkin Enterprise. It covers the basics of Chemkin-Pro, such as how it is typically used in conjunction with CFD and how to get started using it. We briefly discuss the Model Fuel Library, Reaction Workbench and Energico, which are all included with Chemkin Enterprise. In addition, we provide a demonstration of a few example applications, such as building an ignition-delay table, preparing a fuel model for use in CFD, and performing mechanism reduction and optimization. The webinar concludes with highlights of recent advances and new capabilities coming soon in the next release.

Author: ANSYS, Inc. Type: Webinar Date:
Product Name: ANSYS Chemkin-Pro
Product Category: Fluids


Ansys Motion - 국문 소개자료

Ansys Motion은 구조 동역학 해석에 기반을 둔 차세대 엔지니어링 솔루션입니다. Motion을 사용하면 강체 및 유연체를 빠르고 정확하게 해석할 수 있습니다. 

Author: ANSYS, Inc. Type: Brochure Date:



Ansys Maxwell: An In-Depth Overview

Ansys Maxwell is a low-frequency electromagnetic field simulation solution which uses the highly accurate finite element method. Maxwell includes a wide range of solution types and a complete design flow for your electromagnetic and electromechanical devices.  

Join us for this webinar which highlights Maxwell’s key capabilities, such as automatic adaptive meshing, high-performance computing, multidomain system modeling, power electronics circuits and advanced material modeling. Additionally, we will demonstrate how you can use these capabilities to design and optimize applications including electric machines, transformers, actuators, wireless power transfer and permanent magnets.

  • Learn how to accurately characterize the nonlinear, transient motion of electromechanical components and their effects on the drive circuit and control system design.
  • Discover how to seamlessly link Maxwell solvers to integrated circuit and systems simulation technologies, enabling you to understand electromechanical systems performance prior to building a physical prototype.
  • Understand how to use Maxwell to capture a critical competitive advantage with increased speed to market, reduced cost and enhanced system performance.

Author: ANSYS, Inc. Type: Webinar Date:
Product Name: ANSYS Maxwell
Product Category: Electronics


OCF SOLUTIONS: 128 Core DELL Solution for Ansys

This brief describes Dell Hardware configured to the “Dell EMC Ready Solution for HPC Digital Manufacturing” reference architecture and OCF's configured software, services and support.

Author: ANSYS, Inc. Type: Application Brief Date:
Product Name: ANSYS Fluent, ANSYS HPC
Product Category: Fluids, High Performance Computing
Industry: High Tech



2020 R2 光学製品アップデート

2020R2では、光学製品のインストーラ、ポータルサイトなど多くのコンテンツがAnsys統合となりました。 Ansys SPEOSではカメラシミュレーションの機能改善に加え、全体のシステム応答性が向上されるなどの更新が行われます。 Ansys VRXPRIENCEについては、NCAPテストに対応するテストモジュールの提供や空のモデルの改善が行われます。また、EV車のためのサウンドテスト機能が追加されます。


  • カメラシミュレーションにおいて、イメージセンサ位置での照度マップが出力可能に
  • Live Preview機能で可変発散光源の使用が可能に
  • 新しいAnsys SPEOSツリーとシステムレスポンスの向上
  • SPEOS for NXのUIとメモリ管理の改善
  • LabsにおけるAPIが多数追加
  • ANSYS統合インストーラ
  • ANSYS Portalへ順次移行


  • LiDAR type HDL-64対応
  • Skyモデルの改善
  • Carmaker Co-simulationが可能に
  • NCAP test module提供開始
  • ASV for EVのリリース


Author: ANSYS, Inc. Type: Webinar Date:
Product Category: Structures


2020 R2 システム製品アップデート

2020 R2ではライセンス管理システムとして「Ansys License Manager」を採用した他、Ansys SCADEでは新しいAUTOSARコードジェネレータの実装、Blackberry QNXやSiemens Polarionとの連携が可能になりました。Ansys medini analyzeではAIAG-VDA FMEAと処置優先度(AP)への対応、リスクパラメータの編集が可能になった他、フォールトツリーでの定量的計算に対応しました。

Author: ANSYS, Inc. Type: Webinar Date:
Product Category: Structures


Ansys 2020 R2: HPC Licensing Update

We continue to improve the value of HPC licensing and add new capabilities to allow scalability to whatever computational level of simulation is required, from single-user or small user group options that enable entry-level parallel processing up to virtually unlimited parallel capacity.

Learn about the new HPC-based parametric licensing and get a detailed overview of all HPC licensing options, along with many examples.

Author: ANSYS, Inc. Type: Webinar Date:
Product Name: ANSYS HPC
Product Category: Cloud and IT Solutions


2020 R2 エレクトロニクス製品バージョンアップセミナー HFSS / Circuit 編

Ansys HFSSでは、ソルバーの機能向上による解析の効率化に対応し、さらに5G Standard ToolキットによりFCC認証で求められる5Gアンテナの電力密度、累積分布関数(CDF)の出力が簡単に行えるようになりました。 HFSS 3D Layoutでは、従来メッシュ数が非常に多く解析が困難な大規模GDSIIモデル向けに、形状修正やメッシュ生成について機能強化が図られました。 Circuitでは、EMCやパワエレ解析で利用できるツールの提供や、新アルゴリズムによりDC解析の安定性を向上させました。

Ansys Electronics Desktop

  • Dynamic Surface Resolution によるメッシュ生成機能向上の正式対応
  • Field PlotをEnSightで扱えるファイルへ出力可能
  • Grantaの材料DBの既存の95モデルに温度依存性の情報が追加、誘電体材料の72の周波数依存性モデルが追加


  • 5G Standard Toolkitによる電力密度計算のポスト処理自動化(FCC認証用データの抽出)
  • 5G Standard Toolkitによるアンテナアレイの累積分布関数のポスト処理自動化
  • 3D Component のアレーアンテナ解析で高速化を実現
  • 3D Componentごとに適したメッシャーを自動判別し、1つの解析で異なるメッシャーが適用可能に
  • 境界条件における Shell Element 機能の改善
  • Lumped RLC 境界条件で直列接続に対応
  • Circuit Port の収束性の改善

HFSS 3D Layout

  • ECAD Xplorer の機能性向上で IC モデル解析のワークフローを効率化
  • レイヤー構成を把握しやすい Edit Layers 画面
  • PEC や RLC 境界条件を簡単に設定など様々な利便性向上


  • EMCやパワエレ解析用の新モデル追加で ESD 解析の機能拡充
  • 新アルゴリズムによる DC 解析の安定化

Author: ANSYS, Inc. Type: Webinar Date:
Product Category: Structures


Thermal Management Solutions: How Hot is Too Hot?

Power supply engineers have access to more powerful thermal simulation tools than ever before. Finite element analysis and computational fluid dynamics can provide highly accurate predictions for even very complex thermal management solutions. However, these new capabilities fail to answer the most critical question: How hot is too hot? 

In this whitepaper, you will learn the most temperature sensitive components in power supply design, discuss how temperature induces degradation in these components, and what existing knowledge is available to allow the designer to make physics-based decisions on how hot is too hot.

Author: ANSYS, Inc. Type: White Paper Date:
Product Name: ANSYS Sherlock
Product Category: Structures

1 - 10 Of 3650 Results
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