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在产品设计流程的早期阶段就充分利用全新的Ansys Discovery产品,将显著提高工程生产效率,推进创新并提高产品的整体性能。


Opening Keynote: Introducing Ansys Discovery

Join us for this virtual launch event where visionary leaders will deliver dynamic insights on the product, perform cutting-edge technology demonstrations and share real-world customer successes.

Speakers: Mark Hindsbo, Vice President & General Manager, Ansys & Justin Hendrickson, Director, Product Management, Ansys

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Live Demo: Structural Assembly in Ansys Discovery

Attend this breakout session to dive into the design exploration and structural validation of a race truck suspension with Ansys Discovery.

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Live Demo: Generative Design

Ansys Discovery includes generative design and topology optimization capabilities while also removing the complications of the traditional design process and enabling engineers to explore and iterate multiple CAD-ready solutions. Discover the all-new user interface, learn how to get started with topology optimization, explore designs with topology optimization and produce a usable CAD model.

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Live Demo: Internal Flow in Ansys Discovery

Explore fluid flow simulations in Ansys Discovery, including topical areas such as real-time flow distribution, early stage pressure drop performance and incorporating simulation into your design workflows.

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Live Demo: HAWE Hydraulik Customer Use Case

Explore the HAWE Hydraulik customer success story in detail with CADFEM, an Ansys Elite Channel Partner. Learn how design engineers are able to meet customer requirements more precisely, avoid overengineering and eliminate uncertainties with Ansys Discovery.

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Live Demo: Thermal Parameter Study in Ansys Discovery

Take a deep dive into setting up thermal simulations in order to understand heat dissipation through a heat sink. We will also explore how easily parameter studies can be set up to understand how changes to geometry can impact the results of the model.

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