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Vehicle Powertrain Simulation Software

Engineer high-performance, fuel efficient and environmentally friendly powertrain design with simulation.


Optimizing Vehicle Powertrain Performance With Simulation

While the transition to electric powertrains accelerates, optimizing more traditional internal combustion engine-powered vehicle powertrains is critical to the ongoing improvements in fuel efficiency and required environmental performance. Perfecting powertrain design through simulation offers the only way to deliver performance, fuel efficiency and environmental goals in one package.

  • Internal Combustion Engine
    Internal Combustion Engine
  • Transmission
  • Fuel Systems
    Fuel Systems
  • Exhaust System and Aftertreatment
    Exhaust System and Aftertreatment
  • Electric Powertrain
    Electric Powertrain
Optimizing Vehicle Powertrain Performance with Simulation

Simulating a Preferred Environment

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VPT Simulating

Internal Combustion Engine

Ansys IC specific workflows with integrated multiphyscs and ready-to-use fuel models deliver fast, accurate simulations to determine combustion efficiency, spray performance, fuel composition and emissions trade-offs and operating conditions.

Fuel Systems

Simulations including complex spray models with primary and secondary breakup, evaporation and wall films —combined with fluid structure interaction and motion—enable the prediction of fuel spray targeting, pump efficiency and pump noise.

Electric Powertrain

Learn how simulation and Ansys play a critical role in accelerating the electric mobility revolution.


Comprising dynamic analysis, gearbox motion, gear tooth stress, NVH and lubrication analysis, simulation enables the prediction of fatigue life, natural frequency and vibration modes, viscous and thermal losses and identifies regions of poor lubrication.

Exhaust Systems and Aftertreatment

Ansys simulations enable the determination of reliability and durability of designs that achieve the required noise and emissions regulations, including conjugate heat transfer, structural analysis and chemistry models.

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