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nTopology was founded in 2015 to enable engineers and designers to create any geometry — no matter how complex — and meet the requirements of high-performance products. Our software is used from research through production to create breakthrough processes and products for the aerospace, automotive, medical, and consumer industries. Our customers depend on nTopology’s generative design capabilities to take full advantage of new hardware, optimize parts where performance is critical, overcome design bottlenecks, and augment their traditional CAD, simulation, and engineering software stack.

The software is built upon three core technology pillars that enable you to unlock the value of additive manufacturing.

  • Implicit Modeling

A fundamentally different and unbreakable modeling technology that delivers unprecedented speed, scalability, and reliability.

  • Field-Driven Design

A new design approach that enables you to control parameters at every point directly from simulations, test data, and engineering formulas.

  • Blocks & Codeless Automation

A block-based approach to design automation that allows you to reuse workflows, speed up design iterations, and package engineering processes.