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nTopology is a software company creating design and engineering solutions to support advanced manufacturing and automation initiatives. In an environment driven by data and physics, using the latest 3D modeling technology, creative restraints are removed and engineers can fully realize the benefits of advanced manufacturing techniques like additive manufacturing. nTopology products enable engineers to better define, represent, and lock down various engineering processes, digitally. When engineers have robust tools that efficiently integrate important data, they can accurately capture all their knowledge and repurpose it for tomorrow’s products.

Advanced manufacturing introduces new challenges to the traditional design, analyze, and manufacture process. Design, simulation, and manufacturing engineers need to maximize the fitness of parts using novel production process that offer unprecedented flexibility. With each additional material and process come new design rules and methodologies, so the successful deployment of advanced manufacturing requires the ability to automate proven workflows.

nTop Platform is the only design solution that allows engineers to simultaneously consider function, simulation data, geometry, and manufacturing within a computational process, delivering highly specific control over advanced mechanical designs. Unlike traditional engineering software where the design, analysis, and manufacturing functions are decoupled, resulting in inefficient processes and constraining complexity, nTop’s engineering notebooks and computational design technology helps teams document and reuse shared knowledge and proven workflows. This helps facilitate breakthrough results for all manufacturing methods, including additive, subtractive, molded, and formed processes.

nTop Platform enables:

Improved Collaboration:

Dramatically improve team collaboration with Engineering Notebooks that make high-value workflows more accessible, shareable, and intelligent.

Removal of process bottlenecks:

nTop Platform’s unique Field-Driven engineering approach unifies design, simulation, and manufacturing data within a single platform, removing geometry bottlenecks, and providing more efficient workflows.

Faster Design Iterations:

By utilizing nTop’s breakthrough computational modeling techniques, design teams can incorporate simulation data to process and evaluate more design concepts than ever before.