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Automotive Electronics Reliability Part 1:

Meeting Automotive OEM Specs with Virtual Validation

With new demands for automotive electronics driven by autonomous and electric vehicle trends, suppliers must meet stricter reliability, durability and safety targets required by OEMs. Learn how to meet OEM specs quickly and more efficiently using virtual validation.


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About this Webinar

In this presentation, we cover some of the challenges facing automotive electronics suppliers as they look to meet OEM and industry reliability standards, including GMW3172 and SAEJ3168.

We will discuss how simulation can be used to address requirements outlined in these specifications and standards, including those related to Mechanical Shock, Vibration, Thermal Cycling, and others that have historically been addressed using physical testing.

We will also showcase an example of how Ansys Sherlock and Ansys Mechanical can be used to support such studies and present users with component life predictions for electronic systems that can be used to compare against desired product lifetime goals.

What You Will Learn

  • Learn about the latest standards and requirements for automotive electronics
  • Learn how to implement the virtual validation workflows that will help you meet different reliability criteria
  • Discover best practices on how to design reliable & safe automotive electronics from simulation experts

Who Should Attend

Automotive electronics suppliers & manufacturers, PCB Design Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Electrical Engineers, Reliability Engineers


Kelly Morgan, David Dang, Zheming Zhang

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