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Case Study

Bosch: Simulation Evaluates Strength and Contact Behavior of Axial Piston Pump

“Ansys Mechanical helped in the development of axial piston pump parts by strength and contact analysis at various loading conditions, which helped us to improve the pump’s strength and endurance.”

-Devaraj B A, Senior Engineer/ Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Private Limited

Axial piston pumps are sources of power for many dynamic machines, especially for high-pressure applications. Axial piston pumps from Bosch are designed using the latest state-of-the-art engineering to provide the customer with the highest level of efficiency and reliability. Bosch axial pumps lead their class with high power density, economical design and small size.


Bosch must constantly develop pumps for new applications and working environments according to customer needs. The main challenges are to maintain the strength of the pump while optimizing the design parameters, and to ensure an optimal safety factor for longer cycles of operation. Ansys structural simulations, validated by physical testing, were used to meet these challenges.


Engineering Solution

  • Ansys Mechanical was used to perform static structural simulations and check the strength of the pump. 
  • Ansys DesignXplorer (parametric optimization) was used to optimize the dimensions of the design. 
  • Ansys engineering simulations optimized the design, predicted critical areas and closely matched the physical test bench results.



  • Bosch saved critical product development time by predicting critical areas of failure using Ansys engineering simulation solutions. 
  •  Ansys simulations suggested more design changes for optimal pump performance in less time compared to conventional build-and-test methods. 
  •  Ansys engineering simulations reduced product development time by a factor of five, giving Bosch engineers more time for evaluation.



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