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Shanghai Dynawe Information Technology Co., Ltd.


Shanghai Dynawe Information Technology Co., Ltd. adheres to the service philosophy of “Service Excellence Originating from Ingenuity”.  We are dedicated to providing our clients in China the following CAE software and hardware:

  • Ansys series products (LS-DYNA, Mechanical, Fluent, Maxwell, HFSS, Medini, etc.)
  • BETA CAE series products (ANSA, META, EPILYSIS, SPDRM, KOMVOS, RETOMO, Neere, and DEEN)
  • 4A Engineering series products (IMPETUS, LINOVIS, VALIMAT, FIBERMAP, and MICROMEC)
  • CAE series models (barrier models, pedestrian models, and dummy models)

In addition, Dynawe offers engineering consulting services with a focus on crash simulation, multi-physical field simulation, CAE material card generation, and new energy battery testing / simulation services.