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MESco Sp. z o.o. (Elite Channel Partner)


MESco provides complex support to our customers, starting from individual consulting, through the joint projects, trainings and technical support for Ansys products. We also provide our customers with on-demand applications written to improve simulation process for Ansys users.

We are working in the full range of physics that can be simulated in Ansys:

  • Structural mechanics: static structural, explicit dynamics, fatigue analysis, MBS/MSS, thermal, plastics, composites and many others.
  • Fluid dynamics: heat exchange, multiphase flows, mass transport, combustion, radiation, HVAC, rotor machinery and many, many others
  • Electromagnetics: electric motor optimization, current flows, multiphysics (cooling of electric motors), generators, etc.

Ansys solution connected with our dedicated and passionate crew allowed us to be present in all meaningful branches of industry in Poland: automotive, aerospace and defence, heavy machinery, mining, energy, and others.

Knowledge and experience gained during consulting is what our Customers recognise and value the most. Professional technical support allows us to keep high renewal rate and big popularity of our trainings. We provide support through all means of communications from emails, Webex to personal onsite visits. All of our biggest Clients can count on at least two “Support Day”, where we discuss Clients issues. Once a year we also provide one day free training in MESco for all Clients current on TECS. Those trainings are made in the way so we could share our experience and show some “tips and tricks”.

All of our trainings are delivered by practitioners who work in Ansys Workbench every day. The trainings may be performed on Customers site, in MESco or online. The wide offer of trainings is what creates steady and long-term relationship with our Clients. From basics subjects, through more complex, and ending on individual trainings delivered on customers models/set of problems.

We also deliver dedicated hardware which is accordant to specific needs of our customers. We are Preferred Partner of HP. Being Ansys user we can provide meaningful insight for our Customers in terms of what hardware is best for their type of simulation. This also push us up in the supply chain as we can deliver ready to use, out-of-the-box workstation. That reduces Customers IT department involvement that in results reduces costs for Customer.

We also work closely with our academic Customers. We organize seminars that promote Ansys Technology in scinece for student, teachers and professors. We also sponsor student teams by providing them with free of charge Ansys Academic licenses and support. This way we build new generation of engineers ready to use cutting edge technology in their pursuit to create new quality.



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