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Arup India Pvt. Ltd.


Established in 1946, Arup is a world leader in engineering services and has been involved with LS-DYNA software for more than 30 years.  We are a CAE-specialized company that is dedicated to delivering engineering programs (LS-DYNA with different software around the LS-DYNA solver) and services to customers in India.

As one of Ansys' global LS-DYNA partners, Arup covers the full portfolio of LS-DYNA environment software.  We are OEM for Oasys software (commercial pre and post processor of LS-DYNA) and Arup Cellbond Barrier models.  We also distribute commercial dummy models of DYNAmore.

With our technical expertise in implicit analysis and boundary value problems, Arup is now distributing Ansys Structural, CFD, and other Ansys software solutions.

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