ANSYS Advantage - Volume XII, Issue 2, 2018

ANSYS Advantage Magazine, Volume 12, Issue 2

Smart Connected Products

As organizations strive to deliver innovative smart products for the digital economy they must solve a huge number of design challenges and determine appropriate trade-offs. The only practical way to do this is through engineering simulation.

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    Smart Connected Products: Taking the First Step

    Simulation is the only practical way to make the trade-offs required in the development of smart connected products.

    Making Smart Products Smarter, More Connected and More Efficient

    How can engineering teams quickly master the complexities of power efficiency, signal integrity and other design challenges as they deliver ongoing innovations for smart, connected products? The answer is simulation.

    Pointing RFIDs in the Right Direction

    Using electromagnetic field simulation, engineers at Honeywell virtually evaluated new concepts for RFID systems to significantly reduce product development lead time.

    5G Antenna Technology for Smart Products

    5G must address more communications over limited bandwidth by leveraging simulation to develop new antenna technology. 

    Cool Smartphones

    Qualcomm engineers simulate the power sources in a smartphone in a fraction of the time required by a full thermal analysis.

    Balloon-Borne Vehicles Provide a Bird’s-Eye View

    World View engineers saved an estimated eight months and about $600,000 by employing simulation to determine the right design before building and testing a prototype of a balloon-borne vehicle to replace satellites.

    Cutting the Cords

    Engineers used ANSYS simulation to address thermal issues caused by packing high-power transmitters into a tiny enclosure.

    Brain Trust for Aneurysm Treatment

    To provide effective treatment for brain aneurysms, a healthcare company has developed a digital twin to help physicians place implant devices during surgery.

    Breaking Story on an Automotive Power Module

    Engineers employed ANSYS structural capabilities to develop a reliable power steering module in half the time required in the past.

    Aiming High

    By developing microsatellites, startup Vector is opening up the “space race” to a new generation of small and midsized businesses.

    Targeting a Tumor

    By creating a human digital twin, researchers can target a drug on a lung tumor with 90 percent efficiency.

    Cool Idea for Engine Design

    Achates Power has designed a radically improved two-stroke opposed-piston internal combustion engine that increases fuel efficiency and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

    A Closer Look at Optical Simulation

    With its acquisition of OPTIS, ANSYS has expanded its software portfolio to include the engineering simulation of light, human vision and physics-based visualization.
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    Connected and Autonomous Vehicles — A Thought Leader’s Perspective

    Professor Burkhard Goeschel shares his insights into the new world of autonomous vehicles and connectivity.

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