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Ansys 2024 R2: Ansys Discovery What’s New

Ansys Discovery 2024 R2 introduces critical updates to help users easily explore and analyze rapid design. This webinar includes accelerated modeling workflows, efficient fault-tolerant GPU meshing, and an innovative workflow for bolted connections that easily detects and mitigates possible structural problems.

August 15, 2024


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Ansys Discovery 2024 R2 introduces key updates to help users explore and analyze rapid design easily. This webinar will cover the top highlights in Ansys Discovery for this release, including:

  • Accelerated modeling workflows for large models
  • Efficient fault-tolerant GPU meshing
  • A new bolted connection workflow for quick identification and prevention of potential structural issues

What Attendees Will Learn

  • Speed up geometry edits by 10X, even with large models, matching SpaceClaim’s performance
  • Get introduced to the new fast shrink wrap feature for efficient model simplification
  • Understand shared topology with new graphical overlays for better visual feedback
  • Master the new fault-tolerant GPU meshing for fluids that promise increased accuracy and reduced memory usage

Who Should Attend

Design Engineer and Analyst


Roman Walsh and Stephen Scampoli