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2023 R1/R2: New Weld Modeling Workflow for Batch Connections

This webinar explores our complex beam and shell modeling technology for offshore, sub-sea drilling operations and the automotive industry. Register now to save your spot.


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About This Webinar

Offshore and sub-sea oil drilling operations, along with the automotive sector, are three industries that involve massive, complex beam and shell structures that need shell weld modeling. In pre-processing, it takes a significant effort to model such geometries. We address this concern with the batch connection (beam and shell meshing) technique, which provides a fast, robust option for pre-processing. This webinar explores our shell modeling technology and weld modeling.

What You Will Learn

  • Features of beam and shell meshing technique and weld modeling
  • Enhancement in shell- weld modelling     
  • Discovery mid-surfacing
  • Beam and shell meshing from Ansys 2023 R1 and recent updates
  • Shell weld modelling enhancements
  • Feature detection

Who Should Attend

This session will help all the FEA simulation users who spend significant time preparing FEA models for many beams and shells and look forward to the productivity gain.


Aditya Kshatriya

Ansys FEA Meshing Updates
Ansys FEA Meshing Updates