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Ansys 2023 R1: Ansys Motor-CAD What’s New

Join us for the 2023 R1 updates on what’s new for Ansys Motor-CAD. You’ll learn the latest improvements in automation and workflows, new features for various machine types, hairpin windings, and oil cooling, as well as numerous enhancements on the NVH solver.


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About this Webinar

In the 2023 R1 update on Motor-CAD, you'll see workflow automation improvements, specific electric machine technology enhancements, and NVH analysis upgrades. More specifically, these improvements will help you:

  1. Build complex workflows and simplify script development with improved docstrings and debugging by automating Motor-CAD with a new pythonic interface
  2. Save significant calculation time by reaching convergence 10x faster when performing a transient rotating electromagnetic simulation of induction machines
  3. Improve the design of synchronous wound field machines using multi-physics and multi-objective optimization methods with new geometry-based ratios and automated optiSLang integration
  4. Keep up-to-date through simulation of the latest technological development in electric machines, such as hairpin windings, hairpin conductor size options, spray cooling modeling, high fidelity AC winding loss modeling, and more.
  5. Increase NVH calculation speed, accuracy, and efficiency by utilizing symmetry, including the impact of the housing calculations, and integrating with Ansys Mechanical and Sound

What You Will Learn

  • Numerous enhancements to the scripting and automation interface
  • Implementation of new features for specific electric machines, hairpin windings, and oil cooling
  • Development and upgrading of the mechanical and NVH module
  • Other improvements include efficient map comparison, lab axial scaling, material data addition, and more

Who Should Attend

Motor-CAD users


James Goss Headshot

James is a Principal Product Manager at Ansys and the former CEO of Motor Design Ltd. He has worked throughout his career developing design and simulation tools for electric machines. He holds a Doctorate in the design of electric machines from the University of Bristol.