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Ansys 2022 R1: What's New for Ansys EMA3D Cable and Ansys EMA3D Charge

New enhancements in the Ansys 2022 R1 update of Ansys EMA3D Charge and Ansys EMA3D Cable give engineers a greater understanding of electromagnetic compatibility and electrical charging and electrostatic discharge (ESD) phenomena. Mitigating risks early in the design phase is essential. Learn about all these exciting new updates in this upcoming webinar.

The webinar has past, but you can still get the recording by filling out the form.

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About this Webinar

Aerospace, electronics, and automotive industries must meet rigorous electrical performance requirements to mitigate safety risks related to electromagnetic compatibility, charging, and discharging events. Engineers need to be confident that a spacecraft will survive exposure to space plasma. High-voltage systems must operate safely without the risk of fire, and autonomous vehicles must maintain critical safety functions when faced with an unexpected electrical event. High-fidelity predictions from Ansys EMA3D Charge and Ansys EMA3D Cable provide engineers with a deeper understanding of electromagnetic compatibility and electrical charging and electrostatic discharge (ESD) phenomena. These insights can significantly impact product design, helping engineers determine if there's to harm electrical components — and to what extent — by charging and discharging events. Mitigating risks early in the design phase reduces the chances of late-stage redesigns and costly product failures.

What you will learn

  • How to estimate the electromagnetic compatibility performance of a complex product, including the enclosure and cables
  • Incorporate circuit modeling in a self-consistent manner with 3D simulation of geometry
  • How to model air discharges in printed circuit boards, ESD application, and circuit breakers
  • Simulate the charging environment for spacecraft, including coupled surface and internal charging
  • Predict the dynamic breakdown of dielectrics when exposed to high electric fields


Tim McDonald
Timothy MacDonald

Tim McDonald is President at Electro Magnetic Applications, Inc. (EMA). EMA is a leading developer of technologies for engineering simulation. EMA's engineering specialty is applied electromagnetics. EMA provides software and services to promote our customer's design, certification, and performance. Tim currently serves as product manager for EMA3D®. He supports EMA3D® users around the world from multiple industries.

Kevin-Druis Merenda

Kevin-Druis Merenda, Ph.D., is a staff scientist at EMA and the product manager of EMA3D Charge. His expertise is in atmospheric electricity physics and elementary particle physics and numerical methods used to solve electromagnetic equations. Kevin has led the development of EMA3D Charge for almost a year to provide customers with an accessible tool to handle charging and discharging concerns through simulations.