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Ansys HFSS 2021 R1: Redefining What’s Possible with Mesh Fusion

Ansys HFSS 2021 R1 introduces a groundbreaking Mesh Fusion technology that empowers engineers to solve much larger designs than ever before thought possible with the gold standard accuracy of Ansys HFSS. This cutting-edge technology solves the most challenging large and complex designs such as system-level EMI/EMC, antenna on platform, IC on package or any other complex EM system.

No longer will engineers need to compromise accuracy by using a “divide and conquer” scheme, which involves splitting a model’s geometry up into multiple regions and then stitching together different results to perform system EM simulation. Instead, Mesh Fusion breaks down previous meshing barriers by allowing the best meshing technology to be applied at the component level. Following that, a breakthrough, uncompromised solver technology extracts a fully coupled, full-wave electromagnetic matrix.

This webinar spotlights Ansys 2021 R1’s latest release of Ansys HFSS and provides a deep dive look at its new groundbreaking Mesh Fusion technology. Learn how this 3D full-wave EM simulator can cover the capacity, complexity and density of detail in a fully coupled, full-wave electromagnetic simulation like nothing else on the market. Discover how engineers can break the rules and achieve better designs and deliver breakthrough products with more functionality than ever before.


Matthew Commens, PhD - Principal Product Manager, HF, Ansys

Matt Commens is a principal product manager for high frequency at Ansys. With over 25 years of experience working with electromagnetic simulation, including antenna and RF design and high-performance computing, Matt leads the HFSS product line.

Matt received a B.S. degree in physics from Missouri University of Science and Technology and a Ph.D. in experimental solid-state physics from Washington University in St. Louis. He is co-author on multiple patents in the areas of NMR, antenna design and computational electromagnetics.




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