ANSYS Simplorer

ANSYS Twin Builder


ANSYS Twin Builder 可帮助客户改善预测性维护结果,从而节省客户的保修和保险成本,并优化其产品运营。

为了方便快捷地构建用户系统,ANSYS Twin Builder 将多域系统建模器的强大功能与广泛的 0D 应用程序特定库、3D 物理求解器和 ROM 功能相结合。与嵌入式软件开发工具结合,用户可以重复使用现有组件并快速创建产品的创建系统模型。

为了验证用户系统,ANSYS Twin Builder 将多域系统仿真能力与快速 HMI 原型制作、系统优化和 XIL 验证工具相结合,确保用户的系统设计能够按照预期进行。

为了将用户的“数字挛生体”连接到测试数据或实时数据,ANSYS Twin Builder 可以轻松地与 IIoT 平台合成并包含运行时部署选项,使用户能对实际产品执行预测性维护。ANSYS Twin Builder 是唯一能为用户的“数字挛生体”策略提供成套方法的产品。


通过对模型的重复使用和简单组合,建立精确的基于物理学的孪生 2X 模型,并减少工程时间:

  • 支持多个建模域和多种语言
  • 广泛的 0D 应用程序特定库
  • 第三方工具(包括 1D)合成
  • 3D 降序模型生成和合成
  • 嵌入式软件集成


验证用户产品的准确表现,并通过以下方法将产品性能优化 25%:

  • 多域仿真与合成后处理
  • 快速的 HMI 原型制作
  • 系统优化
  • XIL 合成


减少 10-20% 的维护成本,改善操作:

  • 快速连接到支持的 IoT 平台
  • 导出和部署生成的模型
ANSYS Twin Builder Flow


Multidomain Systems Modeler

Compose your system using multiple domains and languages. Create hierarchical schematics of complex power electronic circuits and multidomain systems.

Connections with ANSYS 3-D Physics
Extensive 0D Application-Specific Libraries

Select models from multiple physical domains and multiple levels of fidelity to capture the desired system dynamics at an appropriate level of detail.

Extensive Model Libraries
Third Party Tool Integration

Twin Builder provides leading support for the Functional Mock-up Interface (FMI) standard, enabling you to combine models from a variety of sources into a full system description.

Flexible Scripting and Customization

Reduced-Order Modeling (ROM) capabilities generate accurate and efficient system-level models from detailed 3D physics simulations.

Integration with Embedded Software
Embedded Software Integration

Twin Builder readily integrates embedded control software and HMI design to support model-in -the-loop and software-in-the-loop flows for testing the performance of embedded controls with models of the physical system.

Powerful Graphical Modeling
Multidomain Systems Solver with Integrated Post-Processing

Twin Builder performs efficient and accurate simulation of continuous-time, discrete-time and analog/mixed-signal behaviors. Powerful graphical waveform plotting capabilities enable you to visualize time-domain and frequency-domain data in a variety of 2D and 3D display and tabular formats.

Powerful Waveform Analysis and Post-Processing
Rapid HMI Prototyping

Twin Builder includes a rapid prototyper that enhances the simulation experience with powerful, easy-to-design, interactive graphical panels.

Robust, High-Performing Solver Architecture
System Optimization

System performance can be optimized based on cost functions of specified design variables, using built-in algorithms or in connection with ANSYS DesignXplorer and ANSYS OptiSlang.

Simulation-Based Test Environment
XIL Integration

Different techniques exist in Twin Builder for integrating software with a physical model, including: cosimulation for model-in-the-loop (MiL) design and tuning of control strategies, and code import for software-in-the-loop (SiL) validation of the real embedded code in the virtual system.

Standards-Based Interoperability
IIOT Connectivity

With Twin Builder, you can easily connect your digital twin to various Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platforms, enabling access to test and real-time data. Twin Builder’s built in APIs provide seamless connection to PTC ThingWorx, GE Predix and SAP Leonardo.

Standards-Based Interoperability


Automating Battery Pack Design



Meggitt 使用 Simplorer 进行硬件/软件协同仿真

Meggitt 必须在非常短的时间内重新设计包含软件在内的控制器。使用 SCADE-Simplorer 协同仿真方法,他们能够在 7 个月内实现安全飞行,并在大约一年内认证整个产品。