Ansys GRANTA Selector provides a powerful suite of tools for intelligent materials selection. Using interactive charting and comparison tools, you can apply constraints on key properties, trade-off competing performance requirements and systematically find the best candidate materials for your application. Every project lets you create clear materials selection reports, comparison tables and graphs to support decision-making and clearly communicate your findings.

This is combined with an extensive catalog of materials property data in MaterialUniverse, a unique dataset compiled by experts enabling like-to-like comparisons across the whole spectrum of materials possibilities. Specialized datasets cover thousands of individual material standards, specifications, suppliers and grades as well as temperature-dependent curve data for advanced simulation. Metals, polymers, composites, medical materials, coatings, aerospace materials and many more are all included.


Together, GRANTA Selector’s combination of smart, systematic materials selection and materials data lets you find the right materials questions to ask, then comprehensively answer.

Key Benefits

  • Get materials choices right the first time during early-stage product development, avoiding later costs and delays
  • Gain confidence in your findings and rapidly generate new ideas through systematic, exhaustive searches of materials options
  • Consider material performance alongside factors such as cost, restricted substance risk and eco-impact
  • Easily assess the entire range of engineering materials for any application with our comprehensive interlinked data sets — select the right material, grade and supplier
  • Export to a variety of third-party CAD/CAE software or feed simulation-ready engineering data into Ansys Workbench using our integrated workflow


Systematic Selection Metholodogy

Find out about the methods behind GRANTA Selector and our MaterialUniverse data, ensuring exhaustive, repeatable, and auditable materials selection.

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Ansys GRANTA Selector for Research

Ansys GRANTA Selector allows you to take your materials research to the next level, supporting research projects across academia and industry

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GRANTA Selector Overview

Ansys GRANTA Selector enables materials experts, product development teams and simulation experts to make intelligent decisions about materials. Reducing costs, innovating and resolving materials issues, getting relevant data for simulation or simply validating your choice of materials — Ansys GRANTA Selector lets you select the right material for the right job.

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  • Intelligent materials selection

    Straightforward selection tools identify the best materials for your application. Compare, visualize and set limits on properties. Locate specific grades and suppliers.

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  • Find similar materials

    Quick and easy tools to identify materials with a similar property profile to a reference material. Overcome issues with supply, regulation or increased cost.

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  • Comprehensive materials data

    An extensive array of interlinked materials data sets. Detailed information on metals, polymers, composites, coatings, medical materials, aerospace materials and more.

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  • Assess hybrid materials

    Derive properties for combinations of materials and use them for materials selection or even create your own synthetic hybrid material models.

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  • Part cost estimation

    Estimate manufacturing costs at the conceptual design phase. Account for materials, manufacturing method and batch size.

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  • Ecological design audit

    Evaluate the environmental impact of your product and provide guidance on how to reduce it.

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  • FE Export and Ansys Workbench integration

    Seamlessly feed simulation-ready engineering data into Ansys Workbench as part of an integrated workflow or export data to a variety of third-party CAD/CAE software solutions.

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  • Academia and Research

    Demonstrate all major aspects of material performance with publication-ready charts and reports – compare in-house performance to standard engineering grades.

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