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Simulate with VPS-MICRO® to Test Smarter, Certify Faster, and Build Better Products

VEXTEC’s software VPS-MICRO leverages the powerful FEA capabilities of Ansys with probabilistic material modeling to predict fatigue durability. VPS-MICRO is based on ICME (Integrated Computational Materials Engineering) to predict fatigue durability and risk for metallic components. This software fills the gap in the capabilities provided by CAD/CAM, FEA, statistical modeling, and physical material and component testing, by effectively integrating them into a single computational processing framework.

Using our software as a service, clients are empowered to make better products and resolve in-service durability and reliability issues. Predict the fatigue performance of parts that range from forging to additive manufacturing, and everything in between.

VPS-MICRO is unique in the industry because it:

  • Simulates fatigue at the microstructural level, where damage occurs
  • Captures the variability of material processing, manufacturing, and in-service conditions probabilistically
  • Utilizes a flexible computational architecture that allows multiple material models

Industry Expertise

Aerospace & Defense; High-Tech; Industrial Equipment; Infrastructure, Energy & Materials; Life Sciences & Healthcare; Transportation & Mobility

Application Domain

Simulation/Durability; Simulation/Materials; Simulation/Modeling; Simulation/Mold Design; Simulation/Multiphysics; Simulation/Solids and Structures

Partner Highlights

VPS-MICRO software is enabled to read in structural analysis results from Ansys. We’ve developed customized plug-ins that allow users to import different FEA results files into VPS-MICRO. Simulation outputs, like probability of fatigue failure, can be directly linked back to the FEA environment. VPS-MICRO predicts the scatter in fatigue life from pristine, additively manufactured, or even corroded surfaces seen in structural, mechanical, and electronic products.

VPS-MICRO Software

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VPS-MICRO & Additive Manufacturing