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Ansys users can have complete control over their High Performance Computing (HPC) without requiring any in-house expertise or hardware with access to “Personal Supercomputing” using the HPCBOX™ platform. Drizti’s flagship product, HPCBOX, offers a truly personal, fully interactive, workflow-enabled, desktop-centric platform for optimized HPC in the cloud (public, private and hybrid).

Users can create complex workflows with Ansys applications and let HPCBOX optimize the underlying HPC infrastructure for every step in their workflow. Furthermore, being a fully interactive desktop-centric solution lets Ansys users seamlessly scale their simulations and cut product development time and costs with the same user experience they enjoy today with Ansys products on their workstations or laptops.

Some of the unique features offered by HPCBOX for Ansys users are:

  • Interactive: Fully Interactive Ansys experience with access to a personal HPC cluster for every user and over a secure connection. Full interactivity is delivered using remote hardware accelerated graphics for optimal 3D experience and powered by the latest NVIDIA GPUs. Users can work with applications like Ansys Fluent, CFD-Post etc. with their native GUI. Furthermore, applications like Ansys Fluent can be executed in serial and in parallel with their native GUI.
  • Personal: Every HPCBOX user gets their own HPC cluster giving Ansys users flexibility over how they want to scale-in and scale-out their HPC infrastructure as part of their application workflow. No sharing of resources => No queue wait time and no interference to your jobs from other users.
  • Freedom: HPCBOX is cloud vendor agnostic, meaning, Ansys users get the same user experience on every IAAS platform supported by HPCBOX. Users no longer need to fear vendor lock-in and having to learn a completely new way of accessing HPC every time they change IAAS vendors.
  • Workflow: With HPCBOX’s simulation workflow feature, users can create complex application pipelines and control the underlying HPC infrastructure from within the workflow. It has never been easier to automate something like:
  • Ansys DesignModeler-> Ansys Meshing -> Scale-out Cluster -> Ansys CFX Solver -> Scale-in Cluster -> CFD-Post -> Shutdown Cluster
    from within your cluster’s desktop.

  • Flexible: HPCBOX delivers multiple versions of Ansys products and users can either use each Ansys application individually, or, create, manage and execute an entire application pipeline using Ansys Workbench.

The HPCBOX platform is available as BYOL and PAYG offerings for Ansys users within their existing cloud subscription at supported IAAS vendors. In addition to PAYG and BYOL, the HPCBOX platform is also offered as a Fully Managed HPC Service. With a Fully Managed HPC Service, Drizti can deliver a complete solution for all your HPC requirements and users would just need a laptop or workstation to access an HPC cluster with thousands of CPU cores and only pay for what they use and when they use it.

Drizti offers expert HPC support and Ansys users can expect one of the industry’s most specialized HPC teams to support them in all their HPC activities.

HPCBOX is one of the most innovative HPC platforms available today and realizes Drizti’s vision of “One HPC Cloud Platform. Any Application”.

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