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Beijing Tianyuan Technology Co., Ltd.


Beijing Tianyuan Technology Co., Ltd. is an Ansys channel partner with very strong technical teams in the areas of electronics, structures, and fluids. Highlights of our capabilities include:

  • The electric drive team focuses on electric motors and control systems found in new energy vehicles, industrial robots, consumer electronics, drones, and home appliances. They are experts in Motor-CAD, Maxwell, Ansys Mechanical, and Ansys Fluent with rich implementation experience.
  • The structural team focuses on force and thermal analysis of various battery packs, machine tools, connectors, motors, and other equipment.
  • The HF team is committed to using EMA3D to solve MEC/EMI problems.
  • The fluids team uses CFD tools to solve the thermal simulation of battery packs and energy storage equipment.

Additional Resources

For additional information regarding our expertise and implementation experience using Motor-CAD, Maxwell, and Ansys Mechanical / Fluent with electric drives and control systems design, please visit our website.