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Lufthansa Technik Reduces Time to Design and Certification

Innovative Technology for Sustainable Aviation

Shark Skin Inspires Fuel and Weight Reduction Technology

Studies dating back decades have shown that shark skin has a drag reduction effect in turbulent airflow, but there has been no material durable enough to withstand the loads experienced by aircraft in flight. In addition to radiation, temperature differences from 50 to -50 oC need to be addressed, and with the help of Ansys, Lufthansa Technik was able to modify the turbulence model to take the riblet effect – the shark skin texture – into account.

“Ansys is not just a software company; it’s our partner, helping us explore the potential of simulation. Ansys was our first choice to reverse engineer the aerodynamic characteristics of the entire aircraft – if you try to do the same with flight testing, a project like AeroSHARK would never happen. We really appreciate not only the Ansys software, but especially the Ansys expertise.” 

Stefan Kuntzagk
Sr. Engineer for Aerodynamics, Lufthansa Technik

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Plane Simulation

Lufthansa Technik Uses Ansys’ Simulation Solutions

By simulating the entire aircraft using Ansys software, Lufthansa Technik was able to de-risk the technology for flight testing and drastically reduce time to certification.

Airplane flying

Simulation Solutions for Aviation: Electric Propulsion Systems

Driven by a need to improve aircraft sustainability, industry manufacturers must develop more environmentally friendly propulsion systems in the decades to come.

Turbomachinery Simulation

Design and Maintain Turbomachinery Using Simulation

Whether developing fans, pumps, compressors, or turbines, Ansys simulation provides insight to key metrics prior to manufacturing and testing. Increase efficiency while reducing development costs.