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June 19, 2019

Engineer a Product’s Sounds using Ansys VRXPERIENCE Sound Simulation Software

Engineers have known for decades that the sounds their designs produce can make or break a product. Need proof? What companies come to mind when you hear a motorcycle engine roar to life, a power drill sink a screw, or a soda can pop open? With these sounds, company names burst into your brain and deliver awareness like no advertisement ever could.

So, what sounds do your products make and what do they say about its quality? 

VRXPERIENCE Sound enables engineers to hear their designs before they produce a physical prototype.

The best way to control the answer to this question is to enable engineers to analyze and fine-tune the product’s sounds with the help of acoustic simulation software, like Ansys VRXPERIENCE Sound.

VRXPERIENCE Sound offers engineers a single-platform workflow that can process results from computer-aided engineering (CAE) simulations to isolate noise sources, define which are audible by humans, play sound samples and reshape the sound. Engineers can then use VRXPERIENCE Sound to either modulate product-specific sounds or customize the sounds to make the product more enticing to customers.

How Engineers Can Design Product Noises Using Sound Simulation

Engineers will better understand how customers perceive the noises their products make with the help of acoustic simulation software, VRXPERIENCE Sound.

For instance, electric motor designers will be able to import their electromagnetic and mechanical simulations from Ansys Maxwell and Ansys Mechanical, respectively. VRXPERIENCE Sound’s single-platform workflow can use this data to simulate motor noises.

VRXPERIENCE Sound helps engineers iterate their designs and improve the sounds coming from their products before they perform any physical testing. The analysis can be done on both a component level and for the whole product. Therefore, engineers will be able to isolate the origin of each sound.

VRXPERIENCE Sound analyzes sound using:

  • Psychoacoustic indicators
  • Sound component separation and remixing
  • Playback and binaural recordings
  • Imports and graphs of sound spectrums
  • Jury listening test significance graphs
  • Sound simulators

To learn more about VRXPERIENCE SOUND, visit the product page or read the infographic below:

VRXPERIENCE Sound infographic



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