Five Critical CFD Apps

Serious CFD for your critical fluids simulations

Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) is a tool with amazing flexibility, accuracy and breadth. But as competitive pressures to optimize performance while lightweighting and minimizing cost ratchet up, the margins for traditional over-engineering are narrowing quickly. As those margins narrow, what you don’t know about your product’s performance can hurt you. To truly understand your product, you must get your CFD simulations right. For example, can you effectively predict the operating limits of a valve or pump without fully characterizing the extent of cavitation? Unexpected cavitation can cause pitting that damages parts and impedes performance.

Here are five common CFD applications that you just have to get right:

  1. Cavitation
  2. Turbulence
  3. Interaction with structures
  4. Thermal analysis
  5. Rotating machinery

To get serious CFD results, you need serious software. Software that can reveal unexpected optimization opportunities for your product, opportunities that even experienced engineering analysis can otherwise miss. Don’t risk your product performance now or in the future. Find out how ANSYS' CFD solutions can help you get it right.

5 Critical Apps

Five Critical CFD Applications You Have to Get Right