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Endurica CL is a computer program for analyzing the fatigue performance of rubber components that operate under complex loading histories. It computes the number of repeated applications of a given duty cycle that are required to grow a crack of specified size from crack precursors in the material. The program provides detailed information about the location of failure within a component, the plane(s) on which cracks initiate at a given location, and the history of the loading experienced on the failure plane.

Endurica CL systematically accounts for the factors that combine to determine the fatigue life of a rubber component. It addresses: finite straining, non-linear stress-strain behavior, Mullins Effect, non-linear fatigue crack growth behavior (ie threshold, near-fracture effects), time-dependent crack growth (frequency-dependence, ozone attack), effects of temperature on fatigue properties, R ratio effects (both relaxing and non-relaxing strain histories), multiaxial loading, variable amplitude loading, initial flaw size, size of crack at nucleation, and closure of cracks experiencing compression.

Area of Application

Endurica CL can be applied where it is desired to estimate, through numerical simulation, the effects on fatigue life of changes to component geometry, duty cycle, or material. The simulation requires as input a specification of the applied deformation history, and of the properties of the particular rubber. The deformation history may be determined via a Finite Element Analysis, or via experimental methods. The material properties may be determined via experiments, or by selecting pre-determined measurements from an included database.

Areas of application include: vehicle components, medical devices, off-shore structures, consumer products, manufacturing systems, vibration isolation, seals, and tires.


ENDURICA is available for licensing under node-locked or multi-user agreements, via annual lease or perpetual license under both commercial and academic terms of use. All license purchases include one year of support and maintenance.



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