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Get Elastomer durability right with Endurica fatigue solvers. 

Endurica CL is our original solver. Give CL an Ansys Mechanical simulation of your loading history, specify your material(s), then CL computes the fatigue life of your rubber part. 

Endurica DT is our incremental solver and is an add-on to CL. Give DT a series of load cases and it updates you on the remaining life of your part. DT simulates how rubber changes over time. 

Endurica EIE is the fast way to go from recorded test signals (up to 6 channels) to fatigue life prediction. Use EIE with CL or DT to simulate the full experience of your part in service. 

Endurica's proven simulation solutions are the world's most versatile and best-validated fatigue life simulation system for elastomers. 13 of the top 20 global rubber part suppliers use Endurica solutions.


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