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Ansys 2020 R2: Ansys Lumerical’s System Level Tools and CML Compiler


11 AM EDT / 3 PM GMT

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Ansys Lumerical offers all the tools needed for photonic system level simulation and interfaces to EDA tools for complete chip design. It offers two simulation platforms — INTERCONNECT and Photonic Verilog-A. INTERCONNECT is a dedicated PIC design environment and simulator, with an extensive list of predefined elements including System Library for optical communications applications and Laser Library for a broad set of laser applications. Photonic Verilog-A enables EDA-style simulation when used in conjunction with industry’s leading SPICE/Verilog-A simulators, facilitating the design and implementation of electronic-photonic integrated systems. Ansys Lumerical’s CML Compiler automates the creation, maintenance and QA testing of compact model libraries (CMLs) for both the INTERCONNECT and the Photonic Verilog-A platforms.

Ansys Lumerical is uniquely positioned in the photonics ecosystem to provide PIC designers with complete workflows from “concept to silicon” with its broad set of software tools and foundry partners. With its partners, Ansys continues to help its customers achieve their manufacturing goals with statistical support for its PIC workflows including corner and Monte Carlo analysis

This webinar starts with an overview of Ansys Lumerical’s system level tools with special focus on the statistical support available with INTERCONNECT and CML Compiler. It then discusses the many new features available with the recent 2020 R2 release including spatial correlations in statistical circuit analysis.

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我希望收到Ansys及其合作伙伴的信息更新及推送,我可以随时取消订阅。  Ansys隐私声明