Making Smarter Material Choices


This webinar explores how Ansys GRANTA Selector helps you make these choices in a rational and comprehensive way to better manage the trade-offs of competing performance factors and select the best materials. We also highlight a full worked case study, examining how new material candidates are quickly explored in GRANTA Selector to improve existing products, reduce costs and improve processing. Additionally, we will demonstrate how to locate relevant country-specific standards and material producers and export your materials data for design or simulation.

Topics Include

  • Learn how to innovate through material selection and decrease component and manufacturing costs.
  • Discover how to confirm and validate your materials selection against a comprehensive data set to ensure you have considered the complete materials space.
  • Understand how to find similar materials with your existing choices and rapidly compare properties.
  • Learn more about our Metals data bundle – relevant information on over 100,000 standards and manufacturer grades.
  • Explore how to straightforwardly export this data for design and simulation

Who should attend?

Materials experts, simulation experts, product designers, consultants, engineers, procurement professionals, manufacturers, metallurgists. Anyone who needs to decide about materials or who needs access to good materials data.


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