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DynaRu LLC became a channel partner of Ansys in late 2019 when Ansys acquired Livermore Software Technology Corporation, the developer of LS-DYNA software. By that time DynaRu LLC team had a long history of successful cooperation with LSTC, that allowed making sales and some localization of LS-DYNA software in Russia and other countries of the former Soviet Union as well as technical support, consultations and training  for several types of multi-physics areas:

• Processes of metal forming with pressure

• Shock and contact interaction with failure (vehicles accidents with evaluation of occupant safety including vehicle shock against a barrier, occupant interaction with seatbelt and airbag)

• Seismic impacts

• Fluid interaction with structure

• Drop

• Puncture

• Quasi-static loading

• Analysis of failure due to fatigue

• Studies in biomechanics, simulation of human body, molecular structures and virtual studies

• Cracking

• Blast resistance of military hardware and buildings

Engineers of DynaRu LLC have completed nearly a dozen of training courses with LSTC developers including: 

• Crashworthiness Engineering with LS-DYNA

• Using LS-DYNA for Heat Transfer & Coupled Thermal-Stress Problems

• LS-DYNA advanced course in ALE and fluid/structure coupling

•LS-DYNA homeland security course. Blast and penetration applications. Shocks and EOS

•Incompressible CFD solver (ICFD) and FSI in LSDYNA 

•Optimization of metal sheet forming

Experts of DynaRu LLC are experienced in numerical researches and solving various problems in the following fields:

Automotive industry,

Nuclear industry,


Construction of power plant hardware,

Oil and gas industry,

Metals processing.


DynaRu LLC as a company features:

• Customer focus

• Support of customers’ activities throughout the lifecycle from conceptual design to production

• Support of customers’ in view of Russian features of business and legal field

• Conducting training workshops for clients in various fields



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