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Digital Transformation and MBSE: Solutions for the Future

Formalizing the development, integration, and use of models to inform enterprise and program decision making has been sighted by the aerospace and defense industry as a key priority and it is reflected in their strategies and goals. Increasingly, organizations are seeking model-based solutions that allow them to manage complexity, collaborate and communicate, reduce costs, and get products to market more quickly. Ansys solutions can be used throughout the entire product life cycle, and they provide unique capabilities through a connected digital thread and Model Based System Engineering (MBSE). Learn how your organization can leverage Ansys solutions to achieve these goals with this 5-part webinar series.

Upcoming Webinars

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Enabling MBSE and Simulation Data Management

In this webinar, we’ll discuss the critical capabilities of Ansys Minerva and Ansys ModelCenter as they relate to managing simulation data, automating multi-tool processes, and unifying the digital ecosystem. In addition, we’ll demonstrate how they address challenges related to data democratization, digital thread traceability, and requirements validation.

Webinar on Demand
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Exploring Emergent Behavior in your Mission Simulation

This webinar will explain how Ansys ModelCenter’s Behavior Execution Engine (BEE) provides a mechanism to incorporate behavioral modeling alongside other simulations. We will use an example UAV scenario to evaluate the UAV’s sensor against an unknown interference source located within our area of interest.

Webinar on Demand
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Integrating Safety Analysis in an MBSE Process

Safety is a crucial property for many products, especially in the aerospace and defense industry, essential to obtaining the necessary certification. To identify appropriate safety requirements early in the development process and to be able to demonstrate their fulfillment by design, safety analysis must be well integrated into the system development process in all phases.



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