Light Simulation

ANSYS SPEOS lets you see optical simulation in a new light

Experience light simulation for optical system optimization and validation within a multiphysics environment. SPEOS offers:

An intuitive and comprehensive user interface.

Enhanced productivity with use of GPUs for simulation previews.

Easy access to the ANSYS multiphysics ecosystem.

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Easily solve complex optical problems

ANSYS physics-based imaging, photonics and illumination software streamlines the design process, so you can better understand how your product will look and operate under real-world lighting and usage conditions. For example, you can virtually assess the performance of a smart automotive headlight within a dynamic driving scenario, rather than building and testing costly physical prototypes. Whether you are designing a TV screen, street lighting network, smart headlight, head-up display or interior mood lighting in an automobile, ANSYS optical simulation software helps you make your design more efficient and appealing.

Visual appearance for perceived quality

When customers evaluate your products, the overall look and details can make the difference. ANSYS optical software lets you simulate light interactions with materials so you can see how your product will appear in real-world conditions. Create the best “visual signature” for your product using simulation to see “eye to eye” with your customers.

Optical sensors for autonomous vehicles

Optical sensors are the eyes of any intelligent system. ANSYS physics-based simulations can help you assess raw signals from camera and lidar systems in their operating environments. You can post-process the simulated data to optimize sensor layout on vehicles in dynamic driving conditions.


Safran Aerosystems — Aeronautic Lighting Systems

Safran Aerosystems designs and validates exterior aircraft lighting of the future with Ansys optical simulation.

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Flagship Products

  • SPEOS Optical Icon

    SPEOS is a comprehensive lighting and illumination software for the design, optimization, visualization and validation of any optical system.

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  • VRXPERIENCE Systems Icon

    VRXPERIENCE is a real-time and interactive platform to create, test and experience your product or system in real-world conditions, virtually.

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  • OMD Optical Icon

    OPTICAL MEASUREMENT DEVICES (OMD) measure and directly assign measured materials inside your virtual mockup.

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