The proliferation of smart products is driving the need for engineers to improve electronic product design and focus on delivering lower cost, lower power, and higher performance through the integration of discrete functions.

Today’s smart products contain complex electronic systems that require flawless operation in the real world. Device miniaturization, support for multiple wireless technologies, faster data rates, and longer battery life, for example demand rigorous analysis. Electronic product design solutions from ANSYS can help engineers quickly identify the ideal solution to these often competing challenges.



  • Mobile Computing
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Communications, Networking & Storage
  • Storage and Cloud

Mobile Computing

Engineers designing mobile computing and communication products need to optimize form-factor, performance, and battery life while delivering a compelling user experience.

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Consumer Electronics

Whether designing high-definition image sensors for digital cameras or high-performance graphics processors to enable a realistic gaming experience, successful consumer electronics companies focus on driving down cost, integrating functionality, increasing product reliability and speeding time to market.

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Communications and Networking Equipment

The proliferation of mobile and Internet-connected products creates a significant amount of data that needs to be stored, accessed and processed at rapid speeds, requiring delivery of high-bandwidth data reliably and efficiently.

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Storage and Cloud

Storage and cloud technologies are integral to our digital lives and made possible by electronics simulation software.

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  • Design Reliable Wireless Communication Systems
  • Optimize Power

Design Reliable Wireless Communication Systems

Wireless communication systems are powering the smart products revolution. Today’s smartphones and networked devices support multiple wireless technologies, such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and LTE. This level of integration requires engineers to take steps to mitigate EMI/EMC issues as well as thermal issues.

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Optimize Power, Performance & Cost

In the race to deliver low-cost, high-performance, power-efficient electronics and semiconductor products in a timely manner, engineers are adopting chip–package–system (CPS) design methodology that allows co-analysis and co-optimization across the entire system.

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