Semiconductors: New in ANSYS 19

Make critical design choices with confidence using ANSYS 19. Design for performance of electronics systems by simultaneously optimizing various design attributes such as power noise, thermal properties and reliability across the chip, package and system (CPS). Reduce your simulation time from days to a few hours with the ANSYS RedHawk-SC big data platform and prioritize design fixes with its actionable analytics. Design for reliability with ANSYS Totem and ANSYS RedHawk chip-package thermal co-analysis solutions, which support advanced FinFET technology nodes (N7 and below) across all major foundries. Analyze milliseconds of application scenarios faster — by orders of magnitude — with ANSYS PowerArtist RTL power profiling. Identify critical power hotspots and cycles early in the design flow for the robust power and thermal design of the chip, package and system.

Semiconductors 19