Semiconductors: New in ANSYS 19.1

Make critical design choices with confidence using ANSYS 19.1. Design for performance of electronics systems by simultaneously optimizing various design attributes such as power noise, process/voltage/timing variability, thermal effects and reliability across the chip, package and system (CPS). Reduce your simulation time from days to a few hours with the ANSYS RedHawk-SC big data platform, and prioritize design fixes with its actionable analytics. Design for reliability with ANSYS Totem and RedHawk Chip-Package Thermal co-analysis solutions, which support advanced FinFET technology nodes (N7 and below) across all major foundries. Analyze milliseconds of application-level activity scenarios faster — by orders of magnitude — with ANSYS PowerArtist RTL power profiling. Identify critical power hotspots and cycles early in the design flow for a robust power and thermal design of the chip, package and system. Perform complex 3DIC Chip-Package-System co-analyses and co-simulation for power, signal and thermal integrity signoff with a seamless and easy setup using the RedHawk-3DIC GUI wizard. Accelerate time to market with foundry-certified ANSYS semiconductor solutions for all advanced FinFET process technologies including TSMC’s most recent 5nm FinFET process technology for early design starts and multi-die analysis for WoW (Wafer on Wafer) and CoWoS (Chip on Wafer on Substrate) advanced packaging technologies.

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