Power electronic systems are complex applications that present a variety of development challenges in the design of industrial drives, power supplies, energy production equipment, consumer goods and more. Physics-based simulation is key to effectively and efficiently creating products that rely on power electronics, enabling organizations to reduce development costs, accelerate time to market, optimize energy efficiency, increase reliability, comply to standards and ensure safety.

ANSYS Twin Builder is a complete modeling and simulation environment for testing and analyzing power electronic systems. Twin Builder is used throughout the development process to select and size components, analyze power losses, optimize system efficiency, mitigate EMC problems, understand thermal performance, integrate controls, and inject and assess faults.

With unparalleled capabilities for modeling systems at high levels of detail — highlighted by deep integration with ANSYS 3-D physics — and high-performing solvers that handle system-level complexity, ANSYS Twin Builder has an extensive record of helping companies successfully develop their power electronic systems.