Designing RF Antennas for Wearable Electronics

为可穿戴电子产品设计RF天线 从业界先驱Synapse了解能够让物联网(IoT)变成现实的产品设计最佳实践。 报名观看网络研讨会

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ANSYS RedHawk 2014

ANSYS REDHAWK 2014 最新版的业界标准电源噪声和可靠性验收平台可支持FinFET,能够为新一代低功耗高性能设计提供所需的高性能、容量和覆盖范围。

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Consumer demand for affordable smart products drives high-tech companies to continually focus on delivering lower cost, lower power and higher performance through the integration of discrete functions.

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Mobile electronics, for example, rely on wireless communication systems to connect with the Internet and cellular base stations. To provide reliable connectivity, engineers need to design dependable communication systems that can support multiple standards, such as Bluetooth, WiFi and LTE. The Chip-Package-System (CPS) design methodology from ANSYS can help engineering teams achieve these objectives by enabling high-tech companies to model, simulate, analyze and verify complete electronics systems.

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Design Reliable Wireless Communication Systems