Oil and gas production is a balance of factors including safety, cost, reliability, performance, regulation and production targets over the life of the field. This balance is always difficult to achieve. Multiphase-flow, high-pressure, high-temperature conditions as well as changing operating conditions (hurricane wind forces and wave impact) create complex design challenges that involve interacting physics.

The solution must include the capabilities to automate, control remotely located equipment and minimize operating cost, environmental impact - while increasing reliability. Broader deployment of engineering simulation for oil and gas production is proving to lead safer more durable equipment and inspire more innovative processes for oil and gas industry. ANSYS technology including well established CFD for oil and gas production and structural mechanics for oil and gas production delivers reliable physics that unravel complex problems, minimizing the need for physical testing and dramatically reducing time to market. Our tools create a low-cost, risk-free virtual design space that replicates deep-sea, Arctic and other harsh environments.

Engineering organization use proven ANSYS engineering simulation for oil and gas capabilities to optimize production equipment for flow control, separation, water recycling and heat generation. ANSYS CFD for oil and gas and structural mechanics software for oil and gas production use advanced simulation and analytical solutions to aid in studying thermal profiles, structural integrity, slugging, and hydrate and wax formation. Developing new strategies - for example, sand management and flow assurance for long-distance pipelines - requires higher-fidelity fluid dynamic simulation to account for 3-D–transient thermal and multiphase flows.

Leading companies leverage ANSYS CFD for oil and gas, structural mechanics, electromagnetic and system design, software to develop billion-dollar ventures that must operate reliably for decades. The result is a high degree of product reliability and robustness that balances environmental, regulatory and human safety considerations.


  • Flow Assurance
  • Hydraulic Fracturing Equipment and Performance
  • Marine and Subsea Systems
  • Production Equipment and Facilities

Flow Assurance

With increased cost and complexity of developing subsea systems and the changing crude quality, increased produced water new strategies for sand management coupled with longer distance conventional flow assurance simulation require higher fidelity fluid dynamic simulation to account for 3D – transient thermal and multiphase flows. ANSYS solutions are used to understand thermal profile, equipment structural integrity, slugging, sand transport and can be used for hydrate and wax formation.

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Hydraulic Fracturing Equipment and Performance

Engineering simulation solutions are used to design hydraulic fracturing drilling and pressure pumping equipment. Simulation can also be used to design and optimize facilities and water recycle devices. There are also many environmental concerns, including how to reduce (1) the operational footprint at the drilling/production sites, (2) the amount of the fracking fluids and material used during the fracking process, and (3) emissions from the machinery. More specifically, ANSYS and its partners provide solutions related to optimizing fracking stages and overall well performances and related geomechanics concerns related to oil shale or shale gas formations.

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Marine and Subsea Systems

ANSYS uniquely provides simulation software and experience in an integrated solution set for offshore, marine and subsea systems. The capabilities cover a broad range of  applications involving naval architecture, propeller and vessel design, vortex induced motion (VIV), subsea power, and boosting, mooring, lifting, towing, and installation.

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Production Equipment and Facilities

Downhole, wellhead , surface and topside , onshore, subsea and offshore — solutions from ANSYS help design and optimize flow control, separation, water and sand management , heat generation and water recycling equipment. The underlying success of ANSYS in developing established solutions for these applications is the result of well-proven capabilities developed for the energy and process industries.

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