Consumer expectations for home appliances are high: Users demand that a given product will perform day in and day out — and last for many years. Reputation for reliability and energy efficiency are key product selling point. It is critical that all possible scenarios for a new product’s failure be tested before it goes to market. Appliances manufacturers perceive computer based modeling as the most promising if not only way forward.

Though reliability is king, consumers have come to expect products that are easier to use, are smaller in size but maximize capacity, consume less energy and emit less noise.

Using simulation analysis tools, designers can evaluate alternatives and refine designs early in the process, when it is least costly to make changes. The need for physical prototypes is also reduced, resulting in a shorter development cycle and a quicker to-market time.

Keeping costs in line, maintaining quality and reliability, and striving for continual innovation are key business drivers. ANSYS simulation and modeling tools can help companies meet these consumer challenges in a wide range of sub-industries.