HFSS SBR+ Solver Option (formerly Delcross Savant)

The ANSYS HFSS SBR+ Solver Option - formerly Delcross Savant can be added to the ANSYS Electronics Desktop or any of the ANSYS products that utilize the ANSYS Electronics Desktop. This solver-only option does not include a GUI. With this option, you can add the HFSS SBR+ solver to your existing ANSYS Electronics Desktop cost-effectively and maximize your investment in ANSYS technology.

HFSS SBR+ is an advanced antenna performance simulation software that provides fast and accurate prediction of installed antenna patterns, near-fields and antenna-to-antenna coupling on electrically large platforms. HFSS SBR+ analyzes installed antenna performance on platforms that are tens to thousands of wavelengths in size. It leverages the asymptotic Shooting and Bouncing Ray Plus (SBR+) technique to efficiently compute accurate solutions with incredible speed and scalability.

The state-of-the-art technology in HFSS SBR+ includes advanced physics models such as creeping waves, UTD diffraction rays and surface curvature extraction not available in other commercial electromagnetic solvers.

  • HFSS SBR+ Computes

    • Installed radiation patterns
    • Coupling between Tx/Rx antenna pairs
    • Spatial E & H field distribution (near fields)
    • Incident, scattered and total fields
    • Co-pol and cross-pol radiation and scattering

  • Visual Ray Tracing and Ray Diagnostics

    SBR, creeping wave and UTD edge rays can be displayed before or after analysis. The Visual Ray Trace (VRT) feature provides helpful information in understanding ray bounce mechanics, sources of pattern nulls or peaks, Geometrical Optics (GO) blockage, and ray densities for a given angle of target illumination.

  • Hybrid Simulation

    HFSS results for isolated antenna definitions can be imported and used to excite HFSS SBR+ simulations through application of the Equivalence Principle. This enables a smooth import of complex free-standing antenna models based on volume or surface meshing techniques. Users can leverage precise results of isolated antenna simulations and capture the installed performance on full size aircraft, ships, vehicles or buildings with speed and accuracy.

HFSS SBR+ solves problems that you may have previously considered too big to solve
HFSS SBR+ solves problems that you may have previously considered too big to solve.