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Comprehensive Multiphysics Analysis Platform for 3D-IC Interposers

This webinar outlines the power integrity, thermal integrity, and signal integrity difficulties in 3D-IC design. 

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About this Webinar

This webinar introduces the Multiphysics requirements to meet performance, integrity, and reliability expectations for 3D IC design. Beyond ‘golden solver’ requirements for power, thermal and electromagnetic analysis, it’s necessary to have a productive methodology within a diversified ecosystem of multiple components. Various teams designed these components using different implementation tools and validated them by numerous sign-off experts.

This introduction explains how we address this need with a Multiphysics, comprehensive, and fully-opened solution, taking interposers as an analysis use case.

What You Will Learn

  • Understand the importance of Multiphysics analysis for Interposers
  • Learn critical enabling technologies for Multiphysics sign-off  
  • See comprehensive methodology for diversified 3D IC ecosystem

Who Should Attend

3D-IC chip, package and PCB designers


kevin druis

Jerome has over 20 years of Semiconductor industry experience, working for various EDA companies such as Avanti, Synopsys, and Apache. He has contributed to the successes of worldwide customers in roles ranging from Application Engineer to Product Management and has covered the chip development flow from RTL to GDSII. He is now a business development executive for Ansys. His mission is to identify emerging Multiphysics Integrity challenges within the semiconductor industry and develop product solutions for the complete Chip-Package-PCB ecosystem.