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Ansys Thermal Desktop
Heat Transfer & Fluid Flow Modeling Software

From comprehensive two-phase flow capabilities to advanced finite element analysis, our world-class software is a critical tool for any thermal or fluids engineer.

Ansys Thermal Desktop for Thermal-Centric Modeling

Ansys Thermal Desktop includes all aspects of thermal model creation, including built-in finite difference, finite element, and lumped capacitance objects that can be combined into any configuration to solve complex thermal and fluid flow problems. With Thermal Desktop, users across a range of industries can build virtual prototypes to design more robust products, ranging from automotive components to manned spacecrafts.

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    Integrates with Ansys Fluent, Mechanical, Model Center & STK
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    FEM, FD, Thermal Radiation and Flow in a Single Environment
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    Orbital environment modeling
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    Propulsion and network flow modeling
Ansys Thermal Desktop

Quick Specs

Thermal Desktop enables concurrent engineering for thermal and fluid analysts by providing full access to CAD-based geometry as well as data exchange to and from structural codes without compromising traditional thermal modeling practices.

  • Full Parameterization
  • Automatic Model Correlation
  • Temperature & Heat Flow Visualization
  • Complete Post-Processing of Thermal Data
  • Advanced Meshing Software
  • Multi-processor Support for Radiation Calculations

What's New

With the latest release, Thermal Desktop provides speed improvements, feature enhancements, and the ability to preview features under development (Beta features).

Ansys Thermal Desktop
Co-Solver enhancements

New methods have been added to the Co-Solver for stability and speed improvements when connecting Thermal Desktop and Fluent. The Co-Solver user interface can now be used.

Ansys Thermal Desktop
Parallelization of calculations

Boundary condition mapper and contactor calculations now take advantage of multiple CPUs through parallelization to increase the calculation speed.

Ansys Thermal Desktop
TD Block Reference enhancements

References to external models now allow changes to symbol (parameter) names, display of user logic from the referenced model, and postprocessing specific instances in the referenced model.

Ansys Thermal Desktop
Beta feature: Participating media

Solid bodies can absorb solar or infrared energy based on distance traversed by the energy. This can be used to model thick glass optics or semi-opaque fluids.

Ansys Thermal Desktop
Beta feature: Axi-symmetric modeling

Useful for secondary flows within turbomachines and other rotating equipment. 2D objects of rotation are fully compatible with 3D phenomena such as radiation, contact, and so on. Fluid ties connect to axi-symmetric objects.


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Thermal Analysis Simulation

Know how thermal energy will affect the efficiency, reliability and safety of your products.

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